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  • Dr. Kennetra A. Bryant

It Was A Mistake

A major life-altering mistake can be the onset of an identity crisis. Any mistake one makes comes with its own set of consequences, and some mistakes cause more issues than others. Depending on the depth of the mistake it can result in breakdowns that affect relationships, opportunities, and advancements. Although mistakes appear detrimental to one’s overall life goals or dreams, God is aware of every one of our past, present and future decisions.

God is aware of our faults, setbacks, and hiccups but unlike us, He doesn’t harp on our mistakes. God provides encouraging promises to guide us through the issues of life and that includes our poor choices or fear-filled mistakes. Although we make mistakes, our life’s purpose isn’t over. God knows the intention and condition of the heart and He still provides opportunities for His children to shift their focus back to him. For example, a person who made a fear-filled mistake in scripture was Simon Peter.

Peter was one of Jesus’ chosen twelve disciples. Wherever Jesus traveled in ministry, Peter was there. Simon Peter was known because of his association with Jesus Christ, there was no denying it. But when Jesus was betrayed and arrested a series of events took place that shook the disciples. They witnessed the mistreatment of their Master and during a troubling time, Peter denied the one he loved. Peter made the mistake and denied his identity in Christ because of fear.

Peter wept bitterly in repentance because of his actions. Similarly, to Peter’s story, we’ve all made mistakes where our actions outwardly denied Christ. But praise God that even in our mistakes God loves and forgives. Even in the mistake, God designed a route for Peter to get back on track to his purpose-filled position. Additionally, God will do the same for you. When mistakes are made consequences will follow, but even in that, your identity is not in the mistake.

Your identity is in the encompassing, overpowering love of Jesus Christ. God forgives, restores, and loves. God’s promised-filled word is the foundation of our identity. God knew what we would all do before we did it and He still loved,saved, and provided for us. Your identity is not in the crisis. Your identity is in Christ.

Targeted Scripture

"For we know that our old self was crucified with him so that the body ruled by sin might be done away with, that we should no longer be slaves to sin. (Romans 6:6)

Image by Layers from Pixabay

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