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Dr. Kennetra A. Bryant

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Towards the Target with

Believer, Educator, Encourager, Bible Planist, Speaker

Dr. Kennetra A. Bryant Bible Plan Studies for Digital Download

Dr. Kennetra A. Bryant has written a variety of Bible Plan Devotionals that can be viewed on the YouVersion Bible App.  Dr. Bryant has also created supplemental Bible studies to those Bible plans for individuals seeking to grow deeper in God's Word.  


Dr. Bryant's motivational aim is to encourage individuals to actively engage in a true relationship with God so they will not only hear and obey but become true disciples of Christ.

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Dr. Kennetra A Bryant Divine Switch Bible Plan Study Questions

To properly navigate through life's challenging moments, knowing what God says about everything concerning you is important. Intentionally reading God's Word and actively studying His promises produce lifelong benefits.


When you take time to study God's word you will recognize truths from lies, gain understanding and wisdom, know what to avoid, and what to obey. Additionally, when you begin a lifestyle of studying God's Word you will experience abundant life in Jesus Christ.


 Whether studying alone, with family, friends, or coworkers make it your aim to stay plugged into God's word for encouragement, guidance, insight, and God-honoring growth.

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